Updates and News

Aircraft owners and operators now have the ability to cut the cord and wirelessly charge Qi compatible Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) with Mid Continent Controls’ new Wireless Charger. Our Wireless Charger is DO-160 tested for aircraft environments and also meets the Qi 1.2.4 standards, which allows for up to 15 watts of charging power. The Wireless charger also features 3 coils providing a larger charging area.


Mid Continent Controls is excited to introduce our Bluetooth Audio Transmitter. The device will allow owner/operators to have the ability to pair wireless Bluetooth headset at the cabin seats. Once the transmitter is installed, simply pair your personal headset and you’re able to stream cabin audio.


Mid Continent Controls is excited to introduce our Bluetooth Audio Receiver that is specifically designed with flexibility in mind. The device will allow owner/operators with any entertainment configuration, audio system and CMS solution to easily integrate seamless Bluetooth Audio into the cabin environment.


Mid Continent Controls’ USB-C charger supports charging with a maximum capability of up to 45 watts. The charger can deliver 5, 9 and 15 volts up to 3 amps. Device driven monitoring and adjustment of the charger provides the ability for Rapid/Quick charging of the device. Our USB-C charger also supports USB Type A devices at a maximum of 5 volts at 3 amps. This USB-C charging solution provides for complete charging capacity to support a wide range of devices from cell phones, tablets and laptops.


Turn your idea into Reality. You have an idea that will make the world safer, smarter, better, easier…we can help through Design / Prototyping / Production / Testing. Mid Continent Controls is large enough to create innovative products but small enough to listen, care and respond.


Our Universal AC and USB Outlet combines both products into one assembly that is a replacement for most of the existing Universal AC outlets. This gives our customers quick upgrade options that provide a noticeable improvement to the customer experience, with little to no extra work. The Universal AC outlet incorporated into this product has all the same safety features we offer on our existing Universal AC outlets.