The Mid Continent Controls dual-band wireless gigabit router delivers awe inspiring performance and coverage range. The Wi-Fi speed for both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz transmission provides data rates up to 900Mbps making it ideal for streaming HD videos or file sharing. Built-in wireless amplifiers provide an extended range making it easier to cover the full cabin with just a single router. The available gigabit Ethernet ports provide the fastest most reliable network performance. The enclosure is a ruggedized aluminum enclosure designed to withstand any harsh environment seen by the aircraft.



Mid Continent Controls offers a 3 channel high power discrete audio amplifier to supply high fidelity audio to cabin speakers. The amplifier has a single analog stereo input, discrete inputs for volume control, and discrete outputs for status. An RS232 data bus is provided to configure the DSP settings to match the cabin environment.



Mid Continent Controls offers a wide array of audio & video distribution module. Modules range from 1 to 8 inputs and 2 to 16 outputs and all are capable of independently selecting any input on any output. Controlling the modules is done either by discrete inputs or RS485 data bus depending on the module. For more information please contact sales by email at or by phone at 316-789-0088.



Mid Continent Controls offers a wide variety of audio, video, and audio/video ports. Our audio ports come in many different forms and feature a 1/4″ jack, 3.5mm jack, or RCA jacks to match whatever the need. We offer video jacks ranging from VGA and BNC to HDMI and DVI pass-through ports. Many of these jacks have been combined into one panel to provide a complete audio/video pass-through panel to make any connection possible. For more information please contact sales by email at or by phone at 316-789-0088.